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I have been experiencing the bug mentioned here. People have reported downgrading their driver to 290.10 prevented the issue for them so I tried this but I am not sure whether I have installed the driver right as I am still experiencing the problem.

I went here and downloaded the .deb, then to install it I ran:

sudo dpkg -i nvidia-current_290.10-0ubuntu2_i386.deb

There were no error messages from dpkg.

I checked in the Synaptic Package Manager that the install version was 290.10-0ubuntu2 which it is so I locked it to this version.

The reason I question whether I have installed it correctly is because in the nvidia-settings it still shows the driver version as 295.49?

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I think it installs correctly. but nvidia-settings is not recognizing the change.

You can verify this by running this command : dpkg -l nvidia-current to see the exact version number installed

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I was hoping I hadn't installed it correctly because I am fed up of these crashes but it seems I have :/ Thank you anyway. – Lerp Jun 17 '12 at 16:06

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