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I have rights for a free license of Windows 7, given by my University, and I need it now. According to Microsoft's instructions, to download the Windows DVD image I must:

  • download a Secure Download Manager (SDM) installer (its a .pkg file)
  • run the .pkg file, which should install the SDM
  • download another file (.sdx),
  • run the .sdx file, which should start the download of the Windows DVD image.

However, the SDM installer (.pkg) does not run.

The .sdx file, when opened in the text editor, is simply an internet address. When I paste the address in the browser, it goes to the download page, but the download bar remains in 0%. So, I believe I really must install this SDM first.

Any help on this problem? Does someone know how to run this .pkg file?

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I already tried to convert the .pkg file to .deb using alien, but it returns the message: "Unknown type of package, sdm.pkg". Also, when I type file sdm.pkg, the terminal returns: "sdk.pkg: xar archive - version 1". I dont have any idea of what to do with these information –  Tulio Martins Jun 17 '12 at 14:01

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Download the official ISOs to get an easily burnable DVD image

  • You can officially download Windows 7 ISOs over HTTP for the common versions/languages from one of their resellers, DigitalRiver. Digital River sells Windows 7 licenses and makes the ISOs available for public download.
  • While all x86/x64 versions of Windows 7 are available, your license will only work for the appropriate version, so please choose the ISO carefully. The installation must be activated within 30 days as usual or it will expire.

    Please see this post for the official links to the Windows 7 SP1 ISOs

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This will work. Use the ISOs from DigitalRiver, the keys from MSDN/MSDNAA/Dreamspark that require the SDM will still work for it. –  Thomas W. Mar 5 '13 at 23:27

Using wine ( wine-1.4.1_1,1 ):

/* you may want to use a new wine prefix */

  1. winetricks ie6

  2. overwrite $WINEPREFIX/drive_c/windows/system32/iexplore.exe with the new installed IEXPLORE.EXE in Programs\ Files /Internet\ Explore/ /* this is a work around to change the default ie, I'm sure there is cleaner way but I put no more than 2 seconds of thought */

  3. get the .msi, not .pkg!! ( under wine the smart link will forward you the .msi )

  4. install the msi via msiexec

  5. run the sdm binary ( which will use the new ie6 /* default ie */ ) with the *.sdx as a command line argument

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This will not work, the SDM binary doesn't run even if these steps are done. I tried. –  Thomas W. Mar 5 '13 at 23:27

I confirm that this trick works.

The sdm binary is located in ~/.wine/drive_c/users/"your_login"/Local Settings/Application Data/e-academy Inc/SecureDownloadManager and is named SecureDownloadManager.exe.

Launch it like this: wine SecureDownloadManager.exe file.sdx and a browser window will appear, just click on the Donwload button to download the ISO image.

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Maybe izx's answer is better for Windows 7, but if you want to open and download any .sdx file with the recent SDM in Ubuntu, you need the following steps and commands:

  • Download your .sdx file with your browser.

    apt-get install wine
    apt-get install winetricks
    wget e5.onthehub.com/Static/Installers/SDM_EN.msi
    wine msiexec /i SDM_EN.msi
  • Choose directory C:\SDM\ during installation for easier path to it.

    export WINEARCH=win32
    export WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32
    winetricks ie6
  • I am not sure if IE6 is needed, but I have installed it anyway. Maybe IE8 is enough though.

    winetricks msxml3
    winetricks ie8

And finally:

    wine ../.wine/drive_c/SDM/e-academy\ Inc/SecureDownloadManager/SecureDownloadManager.exe myfile.sdx

Good luck!

Source: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=30731

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The .pkg file is for Macs. The site sees you're not using windows and redirects you. If you trick it to think you're using Windows, e.g. by using Internet Explorer via wine or the "user-agent switcher" add-on for Firefox you should be able to download a .msi file which wine will be able to run.

TL;DR: Here's a DL link

P.S: If IE doesn't propely download, just copy the link over to your regular browser ;)

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