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I'm new to linux and to

I'm trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 on my desktop PC and at first there's the black screen. This is solved by the nomodeset option only the next problem I encounter is I get a graphical interface but it's displayed in a strange way, the colors are off, the top bar is displayed in 2 solid colors, no icons or anything and the text in the menu displays as dots, looks a bit like braille making it impossible to install.

I'm on a Intel i5-750 with a ATi FireGL v7700 video card.

I couldn't find anything on google about it, I hope someone can help me out.

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Finally figured it out. I installed Ubuntu using the Alternate CD. After that Ubuntu would start up properly graphics issues so I started up in Recovery Mode, un-installed the video drivers, then booted with nomodeset and installed the latest drivers for ATI graphics cards. Now it works.

Hope it will help somebody.

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