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So I've spent quite some time trying to sign this code of conduct and am on the verge of abandoning it.

Got right to the sign the txt file stage but now I get an error and am just tired of fighting with Ubuntu.

It has to do with the clearsign thing in the terminal.

See below

$ gpg --clearsign UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.1.txt

You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for
user: "Leon Gert Marincowitz (for launchpad) <>"
2048-bit RSA key, ID 715FBC94, created 2012-06-16

gpg: can't open `UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.1.txt': No such file or directory
gpg: UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.1.txt: clearsign failed: file open error
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Are you sure that the folder permissions are ok? Look at There are the simple example for solve your problem. Have you checked you gpg key, in advance? – Paolo Garbin Jun 17 '12 at 8:19
It looks like the code of conduct url is now – Stuart Axon Jan 7 at 0:56
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Let's do everything in memory to avoid any file permissions, etc. issue:

  • sudo apt-get install xsel (xsel allows terminal programs to copy/paste from the clipboard)
  • wget -O- | gpg --clearsign | xsel --clipboard
    • wget pipes the Code of Conduct into gpg, which pipes the signed output/signature to xsel, which pipes it into the clipboard so you can directly paste it with Ctrl+V on the Launchpad page.
    • This may fail the first time because of the wait caused by the graphical GPG passphrase dialog; just do it again and it will go through because the passphrase is cached for a few minutes.
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This is why the Ubuntu community ROCKS!!!!!!!! Thank you Izx thank you!!! It worked, short and sweet! – Lionthinker Jun 18 '12 at 8:15

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