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How can I manually save the session in chromium-broswer?

I have a Notebook with damaged battery (only gives 5~6 minutes of backup, planning to buy a new one), and in our country power outages ("Load Shedding") are quite common.

So, I have had to close my session before shutting down my laptop. When I re-open chromium, there is no tab with previous session.

The question is: How can I manually save my session before closing the laptop?

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to have more control on sessions, use some session manager. I find "Session Buddy" useful – Piyush Jun 19 '12 at 9:13

You can use the Session Manager extension. It's awesome -- I use it regularly. :D

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In the chromium window open :

Click on the wench icon on the right of your toolbar. Click Settings -> On Basics Section, in the option under On startup heading, Choose the radio button with Reopen the pages that were open last.

Now, Your session will be always be saved.

See the image below:

Chromium settings image

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