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Can I change setting so that the the mouse double-clicks by holding down the primary mouse button? I do not want hover-click.

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It's easy if you're willing to modify one little line in the source ;)

  • Get the mousetweaks source (apt-get source mousetweaks)
  • Get its build dependencies (sudo apt-get build-dep mousetweaks and then sudo apt-get install build-essential dpkg-dev fakeroot)
  • Inside the file mousetweaks-3.4.1/src/mt-main.c, around line 375 (may differ for you) find this bit:

    static void
    mt_main_do_secondary_click (MtData *mt)
    mt->ssc_finished = FALSE;
    mt_main_generate_button_event (mt, 3, CLICK, CurrentTime);
  • Change part in parentheses in the bolded line to (mt, 1, DOUBLE_CLICK, 40)

    • This modifies the code so that the "simulated secondary click" becomes a "simulated primary double click" instead ;)
  • From within the mousetweaks-3.4.1 directory, run dpkg-source --commit, and name your patch anything (it doesn't matter)

  • Then run dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc and wait for a bit...
  • You will find the appropriate mousetweaks*.deb file in the parent directory. Install it with sudo dpkg -i, enable the "simulated secondary click option, set the time, and enjoy! (note: the double-click occurs when you release the held button...)

  • Please add in the comments if you have any problem modifying/building the package.

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Go to System Settings > Universal Access > Pointing and clicking Now enable hover click. Adjust delay and motion threshold as your need.

enter image description here

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-1 Thanks, but as I specified I want holding down the mouse button to trigger the double-click. I've tried the hover-click before and I find it not good at all, triggers when I don't want it to and if I up the delay I lose the convenience. – Michael Durrant Jun 16 '12 at 12:42

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