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Whenever I press Alt+F2 to open the Command window and I enter a command, such as reset --unity or 'sudo apt-get install startupmanager', no window pops up. Is this a glitch with Ubuntu, or am I overlooking something?

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...and what window was supposed to pop up? If looking for an output, run them in a terminal window. – mikewhatever Jun 16 '12 at 4:59

The command actually runs, but you are not able to see it.

If it is a command that runs in a terminal, It is better to fire a terminal, (Shortcut Ctrl + Alt + T ) and run it there. Especially if you want to see the output, or if the command requires input.

If you are too lazy, for installing, you may use gksudo apt-get install -y <package name>, but be warned that -y means yes to all, so I am not to blame if your machine instantly vaporizes. And without -y; apt-get may expect you to accept additional dependencies, which is an input.. so you need a terminal.

On a sidenote, gksudo is the graphical counterpart or equivalent of sudo. it is to be used whenever you wish to launch a graphical program with administrative previliges, or can be used in dirty hacks as above.

And its unity --replace that works. replace is a string manipulation utility.

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