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I recently purchased and redeemed the latest humble indie bundle through the USC. All of the games that I've tested so far work great (I've already beaten bastion). I can launch super meat boy, but it only makes my screen turn black and I can hear the game sounds.

I have a nvidia 560 using the latest proprietary drivers and x provided by the x-swat repository. This is on kubuntu 12.04 and my system is entirely up to date. If it also helps to know, I am running a dual screen setup and most games seem to fullscreen to both monitors (as one big desktop).

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I found my solution. The problem was that it was defaulting to fullscreen and that my fullscreen resolution was not a supported one.

The fix was to edit the /usr/share/applications/supermeatboy.desktop file and change the:



Exec=/opt/supermeatboy/SuperMeatBoy -windowed -1024x768

The list of supported resolutions is:

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Hm, does the 1280x720 resolution work for you? I can only go up to 1024x768, above that I only get a black screen in the super meat boy window (Which has the full resolution of my TwinView setup). – user73449 Jun 28 '12 at 22:54

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