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I have setup Quickly with my launchpad Project

quickly configure bzr lp:~me/projectname/trunk

But when I do save, share or release, no code is pushed to the repository. Is this supposed to happen? If not, what would be the correct workflow; 1) bzr push then 2) quickly share? Because the latter affects the files. Or should it be the other way around?

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The quickly save command will only save (commit) your work locally.

Remember you can use quickly help <commandname> to learn more about commands. In th current case:

$ quickly help save
Usage: quickly save [comments]

This command commits all changes since the last save to bzr. Note that 
it does not push changes to any backup location. If you need revert
or otherwise use the revision control, use bzr directly:
$ bzr help

In order to push it to the remote project in Launchpad, you can use bzr directly:

  • bzr push lp:projectname the first time (you might have to use the --remember option)
  • And on subsequent pushes you can use bzr push or bzr push :parent
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Try the following:

quickly configure ppa projectname
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