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After installing Ubuntu 12.04 on a Toshiba AC100 several days ago, as described at, and seeing during the installation that the OS was able to use the camera (the installer suggested to make a photo for the first user), I wanted to play with the camera.

I couldn't understand how to find a "photo booth" program in the new-style menu+desktop (not the classical menu with sections), so I remembered the popular "cheese" Linux program, and installed it via the Software Update tool (or whatever it is called; can be invoked from the panel on the desktop).

But cheese doesn't start, i.e., it crashes. (The bug report telling the same.)

As I said, the camera could be used by the OS on this machine -- this could be seen in the installer.

Which "photo booth" programs can be installed and used without crashes in Ubuntu 12.04 on a Toshiba AC100 in order to play with the webcamera?

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You can try with guvcview and check the other software.

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