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- 2 Hard Disk
- 1 NVDIA GT220

  1. Clean installation of Windows 7 on first hard disk.

    Windows 7 suspend/wake up is working.

  2. Clean installation of Ubuntu 12.04 from web ISO image on second hard disk.

    Windows 7 suspend/wake up is working.

  3. Software update of Ubuntu 12.04 (in particular, GRUB is also updated).

    Windows 7 suspend is not working anymore (login screen is coming back ...).

Is there any solution to this problem?

N.B: If Windows 7 is booted via NT loader and not with GRUB, suspend/wake up is working.

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How are you booting via "NT loader"? I believe grub chainloads the Windows 7 bootloader... – izx Jun 15 '12 at 8:35

I also faced the same issue.

I fixed it by making the Windows system drive (usually C:) active using any partitioning utility (like diskpart).

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I have grub chainloading 7 and suspend works fine.

I would suggest updating your firmware.

The actual procedure for flashing the BIOS varies from vendor to vendor, but here are some relevant posts from the stack network:

What is flashing the BIOS?
How do I flash a particular machine?

It bears noting that some support online flashing/updates, but these are more often hobbyist motherboards than stock boards from Dell/HP.

Others you have to boot from separate media to run a BIOS update.

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