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running ubuntu 12.04 64-bit desktop on intel pentium 2 pc with 2gb of ram, ati hd3870 radeon, sony wega 50inch lcd tv. I had no problems with any previous versions!

first, when i go to displays it shows as a laptop screen (not sony, like it did previously).

my main problem though is, i have to set the resolution to 1152 x 648 (16:9) to be able to see everything on the screen. every time i reboot the pc when the desktop comes back up it resets the resolution to 1920 x 1080 (16:9) and i have to go in to the displays and reset it to the 1152 x 648. and the next reboot, start it all over again, just a pain in the you know what!

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As a workaround for now until someone comes up with a better solution you could set the command:

xrandr -s 1152x648

to run as a startup application.

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