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How can I change the Application Indicator label after delay

self.ind = appindicator.Indicator("new-gmail-indicator", "/usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mono-dark/status/16/ubuntuone-client-error.svg", appindicator.CATEGORY_APPLICATION_STATUS)




The application runs but I only see the HSS label when running the application. I never see SSH.

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The problem here is that you've got a single threaded application, and the sleep is blocking it, thus the AppIndicator library doesn't get a chance to update the label. What you need to do for your timeout is use GLib's timeout function to set up a delay, and change the label in that callback. The code would probably look something like:

def set_label(self):
    GLib.timeout_add(4, self.respond_to_timeout)

def respond_to_timeout(self):

Good luck!

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I wanted to do similar thing and I also tried GLib's timeout_add method but it gives me Segmentation fault (core dumped) error. I also tried totally separate thread but it give me Fatal Python error: ceval: tstate mix-up Aborted (core dumped). Though it's an old question, but still hoping to find a solution. – moshfiqur May 2 '14 at 16:43

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