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(This is a continuation of thread: Installing nvidia driver?).

I am able to detect and configure an external monitor using nvidia-settings program. However, when I try to save my configuration, nvidia-settings complains that it can't save to xorg.conf.

It states that: "Default Device" must have a Driver line.

Now, I ran nvidia-settings using sudo, so this isn't a permissions problem. Here's my file (I am typing it by hand, since my ubuntu laptop has all sorts of config errors, created by my overconfident self. :)

Section "Device"
    Identifier    "Default Device"
    Option   "NoLogo"   "True"

Do I just add a driver line? And what should it look like?


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Run nvidia-settings as root

gksu nvidia-settings

You can then save your setting.

When saving, unselect the "Merge with existing file" box

enter image description here

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Thanks for the prompt response. Anyways, from the main window, I highlight the 'X Server Display Configuration', then on the right pane I press 'Save to X Configuration File'. After doing so, a box pops up stating that it can't be done. The erroe message is 'Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!'. I did use the exact command that you suggested, gksu nvidia-settings. Anyways, after clicking 'OK' on the pop up error window, I get the screen shot that you have displayed, without the graphics on save and cancel. However, the merge option is faded. What to do? thx – Badministrator Jun 15 '12 at 20:07

The Driver line should look like this:

Driver         "nvidia"

You can just put it right under the identifier. For others with this issue, the xorg.conf file is located at /etc/X11/xorg.conf I think you will need to reboot after making this change.

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Thanks. I was able to get beyond my initial problem. Now, when I reboot, I see that I can use my external monitor along with my laptop display. However, when I login, I get an error box that pops up: Could not apply the stored configuration for monitors. Under that, is more details: none of the selected modes were compatible with the possible modes: Trying modes for CRTC 351. CRTC 351: trying mode 3360x1080@50HZ with output at 1440x900@50Hz (pass 0) There is an identical message with (pass 1). But, everything seems to work. Any suggestions? I'll play with the configs. – Badministrator Jun 15 '12 at 20:36
Oh, one weird thing, my external monitor does not have 3360x1080 resolution. I don't know where it got that. My resolution is 1920x1080 for the external monitor. – Badministrator Jun 15 '12 at 20:39

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