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Hey! I have ubuntu server 10.10. I am trying to install gui. I have installed these packages: xserver-xorg xinit

I tried installing gnome but I always get this error:

The following packages have unmet dependencies: gnome : Depends: gnome-desktop-environment (>= 1:2.28+1ubuntu4) but it is not going to be installed Depends: epiphany-extensions but it is not going to be installed

I can't seem to find the epiphany-extensions. This is my source.list file:

deb maverick main restricted deb-src maverick main restricted

deb maverick-updates main restricted deb-src maverick-updates main restricted

deb maverick universe deb-src maverick universe deb maverick-updates universe deb-src maverick-updates universe

deb maverick multiverse deb-src maverick multiverse deb maverick-updates multiverse deb-src maverick-updates multiverse

deb maverick-backports main restricted universe multiverse deb-src maverick-backports main restricted universe multiverse

deb maverick partner deb-src maverick partner

deb maverick main deb-src maverick main

deb maverick-security main restricted deb-src maverick-security main restricted deb maverick-security universe deb-src maverick-security universe deb maverick-security multiverse deb-src maverick-security multiverse

What can I do to correct this? How can I find a source url that has the package I need??

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If you what you want is basic GNOME, you probably should try:

sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop-environment --no-install-recommends

IF you want a desktop just like you would have if you installed the Desktop Edition, try:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
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I just want a basic desktop just to see it there really are any advantages in having gui in the server edition. Thanks I'll try this :) But do you know where I can find the missing package?? – AntonioCS Nov 27 '10 at 10:24
Gnome is so deeply rooted in the Ubuntu desktop, its hard to get it without all the extra bits because of all the tight integration. You might also check out 'xubuntu-desktop' which includes xfce and some of the lighter weight, more traditional linux apps. Ultimately though, a GUI just wastes valuable RAM that a server can use for other things. – SpamapS Nov 27 '10 at 23:45

If the instructions by Leon Nardella does not work, you could try to use a different server in sources.list.

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