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I want to connect to the internet through my ipod by creating a wireless network on my laptop. I have a 3G connection dongle for internet. how can I link the two devices so that I can access internet on both the devices simultaneously.I am using Ubuntu 11.10 at present.

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See this -- Mobile broadband sharing over adhoc wireless

  • Adhoc mode :

In this mode , you need to set up your network always. For support of your card and mode details please refer.

In 12.04, I think there is button to create wireless network in one go. But you will need DHCP server. Try with static IP.

  • Setup A wifi access point:

This is one time setup, but complex.

For running your laptop as an access point, this is only possible if your wireless adapter supports going into the master mode. If it does not support this, you're totally out of luck.

How to test master mode and configure access point

Helpful threads to setup wireless access point

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