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I've been trying to get my dual desktops working on Ubuntu for a while. I previously had them as one large desktop, but that was incredibly slow for some reason. I tried to switch them to multi display desktop on the AMD Catalyst Control Center.

Here's what I get after restarting and logging in:

I'm running an AMD Quad Core A6, AMD Radeon 6540G2 GPU, 16GB Ram. Ubuntu 12.04 Any ideas?

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I think you are experiencing the AMD variation of the NVIDIA second monitor kluge, see this bug.

I got a limited use of a second monitor by dropping Unity and switching to Xubuntu.

BTW while Unity probably will be great for the casual computer user, it severly restricts the way I work. Dropping it was a huge step forward.

BTW I really like Xubuntu and will not go back to Gnome.

BTW Gnome Classic still produces duplicate panel icons after removing Unity.

Here are screenshots of screen0 and screen1... enter image description here enter image description here

Open in a separate window/tab for full size: screen0->2560x1600; screen1->1440x900

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