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The pactl module module-loopback is loaded every time I turn on my computer. I'm not sure why, but I always have to use pactl unload-module 20 (for some reason the module is always id 20).

Is there somewhere I accidentally turned this on or some bash login script I accidentally put this in? Where can I look to resolve this?

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Some places come to mind where you may want to look for loading of the loopback-device:

  • Have a look at your /etc/pulse/ or in case you have defined it for a local user in ~/.pulse/ to comment out this line if present like this:

    # load-module module-loopback <optional parameters>
  • Check with paprefs (if installed) whether we have ticked the option "Loopback audio to local speakers" in the Mulicast/RTP settings tab.

  • You may have made a setting like "Monitor of..." in pavucontrol.

  • There may be or may have been another application installed that needs the loopback module to operate (search for any possible application that may come into consideration).

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Thanks, it was in /etc/pulse/ . I must have put it in there and forgotten about it. – you786 Jun 13 '12 at 15:54

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