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Possible Duplicate:
How to remove Ubuntu and put Windows back on?

I have installed ubuntu netbook edition via a bootable-USB and upgraded ubuntu to 11.04 via network connection. I want to uninstall ubuntu and restore windows 7 starter but I cannot find the partition. Have I inadvertently deleted the partition? I remember creating one before installing ubuntu but I cannot seem to remember how I did so. How do I go about uninstalling it? I have windows 7 starter on a CD - would it be usable if I created a botable USB with windows starter and restore my netbook?

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Boot to the install CD. You can ten in the partitioner delete all of your partitions and create an NEW one for Ubuntu. A recovery CD may not work unless you create a blank NTFS partition in the beginning of the drive with gparted(See software center). If it is an install CD, easy.

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