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The date format of the date columns is really long "Tue 12 June 2012 17:12:34 PHT". I would prefer a shorter version, e.g. 12/06/2012 or 12/06/2012 17:12. I tried to change it in Settings/Language Support or Time&Date, but did not find an option to influence the length of the date/time format. Any hint?

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User does not need to install dconf-editor to accomplish a date format change in Nautilus. It can be done via Nautilus' Preferences.

Edit > Preferences > "Display" tab
look for the "Format" section under the "Date" heading
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Thanks a lot! Why did I not spot that? dconf-editor might be still worth to install to edit other settings, e.g. date format of the date-indicator: askubuntu.com/questions/43999/how-to-change-the-date-format –  Filbuntu Jun 12 '12 at 23:04
Not available in 13.04, how can it be done now? –  Refael Ackermann Apr 26 '13 at 10:31
Not available in 14.04 either. Please update this answer. –  becko Feb 5 at 15:41
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As I was writing the question, I had an idea and found a solution:
Install dconf-editor (available in the normal repository), navigate to:
org>gnome>nautilus>preferences>date-format, then click on the field "value" beside the date-format field and a drop-down menu appears with the three choices:

  • locale = Tue 12 June 2012 17:12:34 PHT

  • iso = 2012-06-12 17:12:34

  • informal = Today at 5:12:34 PM or Tuesday, June 12 2012 5:12:34 PM

I chose iso and am happy.

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