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the project itself is located in my home-directory, netbeans and glassfish each installed to opt. when i start IDE and open java project i get following warning five times:

/opt/glassfish-3.0.1/glassfish/domains/domain1/config/wss-server-config-2.0.xml (Permission denied)

thanks guys

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What is the permission of the glassfish and netbeans folder in opt? You can verify that with:

ls -l /opt/

Depending on the result you might need to change the ownership of the folder to your username. You can do that with the following commands: (replace username with your username, and press tab to autocomplete versions of the software)

sudo chown username.users /opt/glassfish-<TAB>
sudo chown username.users /opt/netbeans-<TAB>
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I tried renaming the folder nbproject in the project folder, which worked. Simple :-)

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