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I've used the following:-


wget --no-check-certificate -O autodl-setup http://sourceforge.net/projects/autodl-irssi/files/autodl-setup/download

sudo sh autodl-setup


Install nginx
Install ruTorrent with multi-user support (http and https)
Install 1st party ruTorrent plugins
Install an encrypted FTP server (vsftpd)
Install rtorrent with xmlrpc-c support
Install the IRC auto downloader plugin (autodl-irssi)
Install Webmin
Install a startup script for rtorrent and Irssi

As suggested by this web page. How do I uninstall all of that?

PS: I've install these "once and a half" (one complete installation, and another uncompleted one).

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You're in for a wild ride...

I've downloaded the script and it seems everything is build from source.

From what I have seen, in the folder where you ran the initial command, you should have a handful of files and folder, each for a specific program (rutorrent, nginx, etc.) go in each of them and run

make uninstall

If you are lucky, the uninstall file exist and it will remove all the file that each software make install copied onto the file system.

It also create more files but I'm not sure which. You can use find / -type f -mtime -1 to list all file modified in the last day and locate what the script created.

If you are running a cloud or clean system, I would just re-provision/format it to really remove everything.

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