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I have a serious problem with the Ubuntu music players. I'm at the point where I'm going to switch back to Windows because I can't figure this out and nobody seems to be able to help. If anybody knows how to transfer playlists from Clementine a microSD for my Android phone, I would appreciate it if they told me how to do it. I use Clementine, but I haven't been able to do this with Rhythmbox either.

People seem to think that I want to transfer the individuals files to my phone, but that's not the case. I have a playlist for each genre of music. For instance, I have a rock music playlist, a dance music playlist, an electronic music playlist, etc. I have these playlists on my computer in Clementine. I would like to put the playlists that I've designed in Clementine on my Android phone. I'm sure some Ubuntu user has managed to do this, as this is a simple thing that Apple and Windows users do easily all the time.

I have tried copying and pasting .xspf playlists to my microSD card, but the songs don't transfer, although the playlist titles do.

I have also copied songs onto my microSD card, but they are not in a distinct playlist.

Please help me put playlists on my phone. iTunes does this easily. This has to be much easier than it has been for me.

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You could try synchronizing your playlists between computer and android phone over Ubuntu One. Check this link.

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Here is what I do. I load the songs that I want in my playlist into clementine. I then mount my android phone directory. I then select all the songs in my play list (control-a) and drag and drop them into my desired directory on my sd card. I then save the play list (Control-s) of all the songs that are currently in my play list (I change the extension from xspf to m3u) and save that into the directory I just put the songs.

Sometimes I have to restart the android device to force it to do a search for songs and playlists. Sometimes it finds them when I restart the audio player. I use this on both my Sprint evo 3d and my Vizio tablet.

I used to try and use the connect to device tools on music players but I am too much of a control freak to let the programs do it. In addition, since there is not real standard each time one side or the other changes the tools bites the dust.

hope it helps, john.

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