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Any easy way to have ubuntu remount all currently mounted devices on reboot?

I know that I can add the entries to fstab, but I would prefer a method that would just "remember" what I currently have mounted and mount them back on reboot (and not mount any devices that have been unmounted not in fstab)

Is there any particularly simple way to do this? Otherwise I'm considering writing a script for login/logoff

Say I normally have "permanent" mounts (in fstab) like

/dev/sda1 -> /
/dev/sdb1 -> /tmp
/dev/sdc1 -> /folder

and I decide to mount the following

/dev/sda2 -> /mnt/sda2
smbmount //server/share -> /mnt/server

Can I get the last two to automount next time I login / after I reboot?

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Please define your question. For more details on best practices consider reading the FAQ on asking questions. What release are you using? Regards – Ringtail Jun 12 '12 at 1:56
12.04 -- details added to question – arcyqwerty Jun 12 '12 at 2:37

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