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Here is what I have done:

  1. I downloaded the iso "ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64"

  2. I used Universal-USB-Installer- to make a bootable USB drive.

  3. I restarted PC and changed the boot option to USB HDD.

  4. I got a menu to:

    • Boot from USB
    • Install to hard drive
    • Help
    • etc
  5. When I click Boot from USB or Install to hard drive, loads of text flies past and then I get a blank screen and I can't see anything.

What can I do so I can see the installation screen? I'm using a dual monitor setup from my GFX card and my main display is on my HDMI port to my TV.

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Anybody want to suggest nomodeset? – hexafraction Jun 11 '12 at 23:48
Do you see anything at all when booting from USB? If this is your first time installing Ubuntu 12.04, then right when you boot from usb, try and hit the 'F6' key while at the GRUB menu, then adding "b43.blacklist=yes" (without quotations) to the end of the Ubuntu line and try booting up normally. If 'F6' doesn't work, try pressing 'e' instead and doing the exact same thing. The usual problem is booting screen lockup, because of a firmware error. When you press 'Esc' during bootup it will show what is loading, and then, if any errors occur, it will say what the problem is and usually it is the – user70024 Jun 12 '12 at 0:44

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I recommend you use 1 monitor untill you have completely installed Ubuntu, secondly I would need more details about your computer but you should be disabling UEFI boot from the USB and try to run it legacy mode. Please give as much information as possible, thank you.

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This could be the result of a corrupted .iso image, or a bad write.

  • To check if the .iso image you downloaded is corrupted, MD5 test it.

  • To check if the write to the USB flash drive is corrupted (or otherwise not working), verify the installation media. (This says "Check disc for defects" but it applies equally to a USB flash drive.)

This could, alternatively, be the result of video compatibility problems.

If none of these suggestions help, then you should edit your question to described what happened when you tried them, and also to add the exact make and model of your computer to the question.

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Try to create the bootable USB with UNetbootin

I also had problems with Universal-USB-Installer.

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