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I've add this following code to /etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/com.ubuntu.desktop.pkla

[Enable hibernate by default]

When i choose to hibernate, the pc doesn't shutdown but i can see the text in the image in the link...

enter image description here

Help me please..I need to hibernate my computer.. Thanks

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Please edit your question to include the model # of your laptop, thanks! – Jorge Castro Jun 12 '12 at 1:18

nouveau is the built-in (open source) driver for Nvidia graphics cards. What the error is telling you is that nouveau had trouble getting the Nvidia card to go into the power state necessary for the system to hibernate.

Two possible solutions:

  1. Try the binary Nvidia drivers instead (go to System Settings...Additional Drivers); if that doesn't work try the different versions of Nvidia drivers that may have worked for others with your specific card series/model (google, search askubuntu, etc.)

  2. See this answer on how to try an alternative hibernation method (TuxOnIce) which is reported to be compatible with a wider variety of hardware. Of course, it may or may not work....

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You can check my post on this

You might need to update GRUB. There's also a test that you can run to make sure the hibernation works Ok.

Please, let me know if it worked.

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