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My XUbuntu 12.04 desktop sometimes just freezes becoming completely unresponsive. I have to hard-reset my computer.

I think that this somehow can be related to Skype, because when i start Skype for the first time after boot my desktop sometimes freezes for about 5 secs and then Skype terminates (without any messages), then i launch Skype again and it starts OK this time.

P/s: i update my box regularly.

How can one application compromise the whole system? (i though Linux was different).

I don't know what information can be helpful to diagnose the problem, but i will be glad to provide it on first request.

Skype version string: Skype(TM) (Beta)

Please advise )

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Skype has a known bug about a memory leak which causes systems to freeze/become unresponsive.

You can look at possible solutions in this Skype Forums thread, or for a solution which involves killing Skype before it eats enough memory to make your system freeze, see the answers to this AskUbuntu question.

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Thanks izx for suggestion. But i have to make sure that you are interpreting my problem correctly: this question is not about Skype startup, it's about total Desktop freeze when Skype is already started and worked for a long period of time. Are you sure that my problem is caused by Skype (it was just my wild guess)? Nevertheless i'll try to fix the Skype problem and see how it will help with my issue, thanks! – Slava Fomin II Jun 11 '12 at 20:49
@SlavaFominII -- exactly, the memory leak causes freezes only after Skype has been running for some time :) – izx Jun 12 '12 at 1:34

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