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I recently buy a "noppoo choc mini" with this specific ANSI US-INTERNATIONAL pc84 layout.

enter image description here

This specific keyboard have only 84 key , a 60% (compact tenkeyless) reduced layout

enter image description here

My problem is simple, there is no keyboard layout into Ubuntu 12.04 which correspond to this usa normal ansi layout ... so it's the same problem with reduced version and only 84 key ..

I search a template of normal ANSI US-INTERNATIONAL for xmodmap/xkb, and after i can try to manually map the other key. I search on google, and i don't find any other user which have same problem, so it's seem i have not the good keywoard to search this information..

Edit 1 :

Here you can see there is probably a bug in ubuntu, because the layout for USA with dead key is not correct !

I have this : http://minus.com/lEdKMrsNAwkVA

And other users have this for the same layout :



It seems after a "sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration" : french standard keyboard pc105 + precision M65 keyboard from dell laptop

Now i can see the good us layout in parameters, but i cannot have the iso layout for french usage...


Ok, after reboot i understand the problem, i explain. I have one laptop with integrated french keyboard, and i want to use my usb keyboard which use a usa ANSI layout.

It seem it's impossible in ubuntu and "dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration" to share two different physical layout (ANSI and EU ISO) on the same computer ...


Ok, it seems i can switch the physical layout (ISO <-> ANSI) with this command in terminal :

setxkbmap -layout us
setxkbmap -layout us -variant alt-intl


setxkbmap -layout fr 

It's very complicated qnd it seem ubuntu 12.04 have big problem with keyboard manager ... because all works great with these two commands, without ANY change into the system parameters > keyboard !!!

Second bug ? The image of the layout for fr is buggy, the layout is not ISO, but i can press on the letter "< >" at the left of right shift without any problem ! You can see the image here (french alternative with ANSI layout ? it's crazy ?) :

http: //minus.com/lXsDJwoeyWAfF

Can you help me on this point ? I'm lost with xkb, and manual mapping is very complicated ...

Thanks a lot,


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