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There's the open document format (ODF) for word processors, but is there an open standardised format for project files? I'm currently using Gnome Planner which I downloaded from the Software Centre, but my course teaches us to use OpenProj, which I don't really like since it's pretty sluggish on my computer. I'm attempting to import the *.planner file from Planner into OpenProj, but it's not working. Planner exports to three different file format: *.planner, *.mrproject and *.html and none of them can be imported to OpenProj, whose default filetype is *.pod and can also export to *.xml and *.pdf. This all seems a bit messy to me.

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OpenProj is an open-source desktop project management application similar to Microsoft Project. OpenProj has a familiar user interface and even opens existing MS Project files. OpenProj is interoperable with Project, Gantt Charts and PERT charts.

enter image description here

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A visit to yielded a link to GanttProject. Among the features listed on their website is the ability to "import projects from and export them to Microsoft Project formats [and] export to spreadsheets with CSV."

I have no experience with this type of software but would always be my first stop for a question like this.

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I guess this doesn't answer the file format question very precisely, but it's a start. – Garrigus Carraig Apr 5 '13 at 16:04

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