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I have a folder contains files name as: xxx.get.txt and xxx.resp.txt

   xxx.get.txt, xxx.resp.txt
   yyy.get.txt, yyy.resp.txt
   zzz.get.txt, zzz.resp.txt, etc

each prefix xxx should have two corresponding files, .get.txt and .resp.txt

However, now I calculate the number of .get.txt and the number of .resp.txt files, they are not equal, there're ten more .get.txt. I want to find out, which .get.txt files do not have ´.resp.txt´ file

Is it possible?

Many thanks!

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Iterate all the get.txt files and check if the corresponding resp.txt files exist.

for file in *.get.txt; do 
    [[ -e ${file%.get.txt}.resp.txt ]] || echo "$file is missing resp"; 

${file%.get.txt} is the same as $file except, .get.txt is removed from the end (if it has that string at the end).

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