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I have a laptop powered by fresh installation of Ubuntu 12.04 with XFCE. Before I have used a default opensource ATI driver. For several days I have been using fglrx.

After some time of inactivity the brightness of display is automatically reduced to a minimal level. When I return back to the laptop by pressing any key or by moving mouse, the brightness level is automatically set to the largest (!) one. It really annoys.

  1. Do I understand correctly that the idle timeout is managed by settings?
  2. Who control the level of brightness which is restored after inactivity? I have not managed to find such settings in the Control Panel of ATI. I really want to change them.

There were no such problem with the opensource driver. laptop-tools are disabled.

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I have a similar set up and have been using a script found here also if you install dconf-tools "sudo apt-get install dconf-tools" launch and navigate to org>gnome>settings-daemon>plugins>power there should be some adjustments there, however I'm uncertain whether or not the settings there were placed by the previously mentioned script.

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Set brightness in ati control center in administrative mode.

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