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Ubuntu 10.04

I have set MySQL to log slow queries and a general mysql log. How can I pipe those files in syslog to forward to centralized logging service (which is working)? Tried:

source s_mysql_instance_1 {
    pipe("/var/log/mysql/mysql.log" );
log { 
     source(s_mysql_instance_1); destination(d_loggly); 


Error opening file for reading; filename='/var/log/mysql/mysql.log', error='Permission denied (13)'
Error initializing source driver; source='s_mysql_instance_1', id='s_mysql_instance_1#0'
Error initializing message pipeline;

I have also disabled apparmor and still get the same results

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Either the '/var/log/mysql/mysql.log' file doesn't exist (the default on my 12.04 machine is just /var/log/mysql.log), or the user that's performing this operation doesn't have access to it and needs to be granted read permission.

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Ewan, The file does exist. So I thought it was a permissions but syslog-ng runs as root so there shouldn't be any permission problems right? Any other ideas? – Mbeale Jun 10 '12 at 20:13

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