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I need a software to manage Tv Series, i.e rename episodes ( using TvRage or other providers ) and flagging episodes as watched in order to know which episodes I have not watched yet.

Do you know something like that?

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Another option you can use is GCstar it covers the options you need. Another possibilty is Griffith but it is geared more towards small video store use films/renting.

More Info about gcstar

More Info About griffith

Both are avaliable in the Software Center.

Hope this helps.

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I would recommend XBMC using the XBMC standalone package. We've got loads of TV series on our server, with the only right part of the filename being the "season-episode" labels (S01E09) and XBMC picks them up right away. I could go on but that's the only part relevant to the conversation.

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You might want to try boxee. It's quite a big program if you only use it for Series though...


  • Mark Episode as viewed (automatically)
  • Show data about Episodes (description, name of episode)
  • Automativally scan for and classify episodes in specified folders (only work for some naming conventions, but it's possible to manually classify them)
  • List episodes you didn't download but that are available online (so you can stream them)

However, it does not rename any files and its a media-center software, not a series manager (so you can view episodes directly in the program).

To rename your files you could use krename [Install krename](' +pkg +'). But krename is for general files, it does not get any info from tvrage or similar.

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You may try wxSeasons. This isn't a well-developed app, but it may do something good to you.

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This seems an interesting project but is stalled in development ( last update was 34 weeks ago ) and in this current state it doesnt able to meet any of my needs :/ – OpenNingia Nov 25 '10 at 20:47

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