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When I start the compiz fusion icon Application from the shell I get the following output but no icon and no GUI:

$ fusion-icon --no-start
 * Detected Session: gnome
 * Searching for installed applications...
Checking if settings need to be migrated
Checking if internal files need to be migrated
Backend     : gconf
Integration : true
Profile     : default
Initializing decor options...done
 * NVIDIA on Xorg detected, exporting: __GL_YIELD=NOTHING
 * Using the GTK Interface

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possible duplicate of Fusion-Icon does not show up in system tray – RolandiXor Jun 28 '12 at 15:06

I've just come accross this myself. It is my understanding that the Unity panel's behaviour is not the same as the old gnome panel. It shows only applet/indicators not a full notification tray. My work around is to use Cairo-Dock compiz/window manager switcher. That is until someone turns fusion-icon into an indicator/applet (if ever).

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