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I have problems where compiz freezes and I have to switch to another console(ctrl+alt+F1) to restart. But it would be easier if I could just do "$ compiz --replace" in the other console and not have to lose work or anything.

But when I do this it says it can't open the display, makes sense because the display is open in console 7. Is there any way I can easily redirect a command to another console for it to be run there?

Like for instance, be in console 1 and execute "$ compiz --replace" on console 7?

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It's quite simple in theory and appears to work with compiz --replace, but other programs may not be so cooperative.

  • Login to the console session after Ctrl-Alt-F1, and type:
    • export DISPLAY=:0.0 (0 is the default display for the GUI/X)
  • Followed by compiz --replace, etc.
  • This simply sets the DISPLAY environment variable in your console session to that of your GUI session, hopefully fooling programs into thinking they are on that display and then operating on that display.
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Is this safe to do for like later on in the active x or does this only effect that one console session? – G1i1ch Jun 11 '12 at 7:06

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