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As many others, I'm a looking for a calendar with Unity integration. There is the calendar-indicator applet (ppa : atareo). But it means having a Google account. For some reasons, I don't want to use a google account to do that. So, how could I do ?

It seems that using an Owncloud server could be a solution to avoid a google account, and can be used with TB without Evolution. But what about the Unity integration ? Have you some tips about that ? I do hope a well integrated calendar App (= syncing with both Unity and TB) is going in Ubuntu next releases...

Thanks for your ideas...

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You have the anwser ! Owncloud actually offers a CalDav link to its calendars...

So you have 2 solutions :

1- Add a calendar feature to Thunderbird by installing "xul-ext-gdata-provider" available in the Ubuntu App center.

2- install evolution and add a calendar using its CalDav address

I didn't tried but I think it should work. [Edit] I tried the first solution, it works pretty well ! [/EDIT]

(Btw, owncloud is a great project and already offers lot of functionnalities despite its early development stage :o)

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SyncEvolution synchronizes personal information management (PIM) data via various protocols (SyncML, CalDAV/CardDAV, ActiveSync). It syncs contacts, appointments, tasks and memos. It syncs to web services or to SyncML-capable phones via Bluetooth.

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