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Im Curious about the usage of the controller to play any games, like... does it even work in linux?,if so do i need a driver of some sorts?

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Xbox controllers are plug and play in Ubuntu but there is an Ubuntu wiki guide if your controller isn't recognised.

Xbox 360 wiki

Most times its best just to try it out you would be surprised by how much hardware works with Ubuntu without any tweaking or editing any text files.

Hope you have fun!!!

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You're going to need a special Microsoft dongle to talk to the Wireless controller as it uses a proprietary protocol unique to the Xbox. Same goes for Windows.

Once you have that I it should plug and play (it did for me), on "most" games that suport gamepads

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if I put xinput list to see my devices in the pc it doesn't show me the xbox 360 wireless joystick or the usb generic one that I have:P

I'm trying this now--> http://pingus.seul.org/~grumbel/xboxdrv/ I hope it's works:)

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