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In the taskbar at the top of Ubuntu, upon clicking the mail icon, there is an option called Broadcast which when configured gwibber with twitter account adds up an additional option in the menu just below broadcast called "Update Status".

Clicking the update status option pops up a tiny window with textbox to update twitter status. I find this very nice. Except that I feel it is more comfortable to have a shortcut configured for this. How do I add it?

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The specific application that launches when you click "Update Status" is called gwibber-poster. The actual application that handles the Broadcast accounts in Ubuntu is (by default) Gwibber.

To give it a keyboard shortcut, simply open up System Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts, and create a custom shortcut for the command gwibber-poster. I don't have enough rep to post images yet, but here's a link to the image so you know what I'm talking about: Custom Shortcut

Funny enough, I actually figured this out because I was looking up the exact same question. I knew the application was Gwibber, I just didn't know whether there was an option or another command that launched specifically that "Update Status" dialog. So, I typed "gwibber" into a terminal window and hit Tab until it showed me the available commands that started with "gwibber". That's when I saw "gwibber-poster" and decided to give it a shot. Glad I found out about this. Hope it helps somebody else!

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