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After installing the program nod32 antivirus I took this error every time I open console.

ERROR: object '' from /etc/ cannot be preloaded: ignored.

I use X ubuntu 12.04

enter image description here

Any solution of this problem?

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After installing the program nod32 antivirus in ubuntu 12.04 I got this error every time I opened the console.

ERROR: object '' from /etc/ cannot be preloaded: ignored.

You can try to do this (from this page in Russian):

  • Open /etc/, open this well

    sudo nano -w /etc/

    and delete the row and save, after.

  • Open /etc/rc.local, open this well

    sudo nano -w /etc/rc.local

    and just enter the line /opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_daemon and save, after restarting the system. Good luck--this should solve your problem.

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In case the was the only line in should I leave the file empty? or delete the file? – michel.iamit May 14 '14 at 9:04

This seemed to have fixed that issue for me on Ubuntu 11.10 x64

sudo vi /etc/

change to /opt/eset/esets/lib/

Save and your error should stop.


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From the preload message , I believe you're installing the wrong architecture.

But if you're on a x64 system , it's unavoidable , since you could be running 32bit programs as well , so esets installs both architecture , which made 64bits program can't preload the 32bit library , 32bit's program can't load 64bit library.

The only way to get rid of this , is make all your system 32bits.

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I had a different problem altogether. It wouldn't load lightdm, and then it wouldn't load gdm, so I installed XDM, and Gnome automatically crashed and would not send the bug reports. This was with 64bit on 64bit Ubuntu 12.04, and what it did was fun.

I don't normally run Gnome because it bogs down a bit, so I removed nearly everything involving Gnome, and it runs now with some problems. GNU/Step or Icewm now.

I also had to remove the default network-management packages. I never saw the ldconfig related error. I then updated /etc/network/interfaces to auto load my webz and it worked.

I figured it may have something to do with configuration files, but I just wanted the dang thing to work. And I don't like XFCE, Gnome, KDE anymore. The installation of any of them is nearly the capacity of a CD-ROM.

It's not so much the problems with ESET as it is some of the programs looking for things they can't find, even though they have their dependencies. For instance, I can no longer upload files from Firefox. And the changing the ld configuration did not help, I tried that after I read that. And installed KDE and KDM, KDM didn't crash, but I got the ldconfig error that I should get before I edited the ld file.

And you know I'm on firefox 64bit as we speak, and I tried to send as many bug reports as I could, but... it only sent the same ones. I sent log files to ESET on Monday, now I have more.

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