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I just wanted to know where to suggest a change related to the default themes.

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On the light-themes page at Launchpad.

If it's possibly an error, file a bug report. If it's a change you wish to see, file the report as a wishlist.

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On Launchpad, Wishlist is a bug importance that is applied by a triager (or developer) after a bug is filed. Unlike bug status, users not officially affiliated with a project cannot set a bug's importance. You can, however, make clear that your report is a feature request, using language like, "This is a feature request for..." – Eliah Kagan Aug 14 '12 at 9:14

Ubuntu items regarding the user experience are often discussed by the Ayatana project.

Their home page is here. I'm confident they concern themselves with just about anything regarding the aesthetics of Ubuntu use.

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