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How can I manually edit the track play count for a track for Banshee?

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  1. From the Ubuntu Software Centre install the SQLite Data Browser Install SQLite Data Browser
  2. Navigate to ~/.config/banshee-1 in the file browser (press Ctrl+H to toggle the viewing of hidden . files)
  3. Right click on banshee.db and click on Open With Other Application. From here open the Use a custom command box and enter sqlitebrowser
  4. From within the SQLite Data Browser then click on the Browse Data tab, and then click on the CoreTracks 'table'.
  5. From here scroll horizontally so you can see the track names. Once you've found a track scroll even further to the right until you find the PlayCount header. Double click on the current playcount, enter a new one, and press Apply Changes

Note: Banshee's developers have expressed some interest in implementing this from within Banshee, if you remind them they might jump into action...

Screenshot of various steps

Linked Q&A:

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If you're importing your music library for the first time, it is useful to set PlayCount to 1 for all the files. This way if you add any music, you will find it in the automatically generated playlist "Unheard".

To do this, click on the Execute SQL tab and paste the following code:

UPDATE CoreTracks SET PlayCount=1;

Then click on Execute query and you're done.

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