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i can't install any program with wine on ubuntu 12.04. For example i can't install zune ( windowsphone sync ) on ubuntu 12.04. when Installing ( zune program ) i Take this Error : " wine program crash internal errors - invalid parameters received "

please help me.


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From the Wine website:

There are of course DLLs that Wine does not currently implement very well (or at all).

In case Wine complains about a missing DLL, you should check whether this file is a publicly available DLL or a custom DLL belonging to your program. In the latter case, check that you have installed your program correctly.

Most often applications will assume that a required redistributable package has already been installed and subsequently fail to run when the required dependencies are not met. For example:

err:module:import_dll Library MFC42.DLL (which is needed by L"C:\Program Files\Foo\Bar.dll") not found

Redistributable packages which install the necessary runtimes can be obtained through the use of winetricks. Note, these components are subject to their own license and are not part of the Wine project. You should refer to the application's AppDB entry for advice on what is required.

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