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Nautilus has options for what to do when media devices are added.

Media Handling Preferences

How does Nautilus know what applications to make available in these drop-down menus?

How do applications plug themselves in to this mechanism?

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Registering applications to handle MIME types is fairly straightforward. Applications are registered by creating a MimeType key in their .desktop entry file and listing each MIME type separated by a semicolon. The MimeType key should only be used in .desktop files whose Type key has the value Application. For more information on .desktop files, see Section 2.3 ― Desktop Entry Files.

Nautilus gets this infomation from the mimeinfo.cache files located in $XDG_DATA_DIRS/applications and $XDG_DATA_HOME/applications/ that are created by update-desktop-database.

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As far as I understand it this is handled by the MIME, the same thing that handles what application opens which files. system (sorry I don't have the full details).

EDIT: DoR answered as I was typing. He nailed it.

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