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We are running a virtual machine server with multiple virtual machines with ubuntu server edition 12.04 and every so often (usually after updates via webmin it seems), the hard-drive turns into read-only filesystem. Only two of the virtual machines get affected by this problem (that I noticed so far).

What could be causing this issue?

What could we try to fix this problem?

Has anyone else had this problem before? If so, what did you do to fix it?

If I use Aptitude instead of webmin, it will not turn into into a read-only filesystem. Though this could be a coincidence. Could it be a webmin issue?


Looks like this is not an update/webmin issue at all. How I know this is because one of the virtual servers is a git server and it turned into a read-only filesystem out of the blue today.

With this new info provided to you, what should I try?


So, we are going to try to install ESXI 5 on our VMWare. I will keep you guys up to date once I play around a while on it to see if it fixes the issue once and for all. I first have to wait for our IT manager to install ESXI 5.


Before trying update 2, it turns out that the VM was not local but hosted on another machine so we moved the VM to the local machine of the Virtual Machine Server instead of another machine. We will see if that is causing the issue. We are thinking it could be a network issue.


Looks like the issue hasn't happened in a while ever since we moved the virtual machine to the local vm server. Before the virtual machine file was being hosted on another machine. So that could be the problem. So, the new driver might fixed that issue. But, for the time being, we will leave it on the local machine and it should be working.

I will let you know if this issue occurs again.


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I had a similar problem with my desktop, which turned out to be a flaky SATA port. Have you looked at a hardware issue being the cause? –  Tom Brossman Jun 11 '12 at 22:10
@TomBrossman on the actual server that is hosting the VMs? No, we havent. I was almost thinking of it being a bad Hard-drive. Since it is spreading more VMs. So, I will tell the IT guy to take a look at the actual hardware. Thanks. –  Scott Deutsch Jun 11 '12 at 22:54
@TomBrossman We don't think it is a hardware issue right this second. But, possibly a network or driver issue. –  Scott Deutsch Jun 15 '12 at 5:42