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I just want to know how I can find the version of boost installed in my ubuntu 12.04? I am having trouble with the current precise and thinking of reverting back to 8.04. What is the boost version in 8.04?

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What specific error are you having? You may find help for it at – NoBugs Jun 7 '12 at 1:29

The version of libboost on my 12.04 system is Here's how you can find out:

dpkg -s libboost-dev | grep 'Version'
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You can check version.hpp inside Boost include dir (normally /usr/include/boost, you can use locate /boost/version.hpp or similar to get that) for BOOST_VERSION or BOOST_LIB_VERSION.

$ cat /usr/include/boost/version.hpp | grep "BOOST_LIB_VERSION"

//  BOOST_LIB_VERSION must be defined to be the same as BOOST_VERSION
#define BOOST_LIB_VERSION "1_53"

SO: How to determine the Boost version on a system?

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