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I'm creating a simple Unity lense for my college site which is based on Drupal, but I don't know how to adapt this command for Drupal API. Please help, it's python.

We now create our query url, using the Wikipedia opensearch API url = ("%s/w/api.php?action=opensearch&limit=25&format=json&search=%s" % (, search))

I'm using template to write lense following Wikipedia example I don't know python but Im familiar with C. This Drupal API calling is the only problem I have to successfully develop a lense. Please help!

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Does Drupal even have a search API you can call? – mhall119 Jun 7 '12 at 12:26

Drupal does not have a built-in facility for returning search results as JSON. You could use the contributed services_search module, which exposes a URL on your site such as

If you don't want to add the Services module to your site for some reason, you could write a custom module that uses the Drupal function search_data() to retrieve search results and then outputs them as JSON.

(Either way, you'll have to add something to your Drupal site, which makes this not an Ubuntu-specific question, so it should probably be moved to the Drupal SE site.)

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