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I tried installing netbsd on another computer as I wanted to learn some BSD-stuff. Now I want to mount the disk in Ubuntu 12.04, to be able to exchange files. But nothing I found on Google works. Any hints for me? I successfully mounted my Windows 7 partition. So at least i know a bit about how mount works.

Output of sudo fdisk -l shows /dev/sde2 1547186176 2930274303 691544064 a9 NetBSD

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By default BSD partitions are formatted with FFSv1, but there are other FS types like 4.4BSD, FFSv2 etc(source). FFS is also called UFS.

You can try mount the partition /dev/sde2 with sudo mount -t ufs -o ro,ufstype=ufs2 /dev/sde2 /media/mountdir(create the directory mountdir first)(source).

Other ufstype options can be found here.

Sadly, Linux only has read support (source) for UFS-based filesystems, as "..Compatibility between (UFS) implementations as a whole is spotty at best " (source).

Consolidated from comment discussions. Credit where credit is due: Samik answered this

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