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I use ubuntu 12.04 with unity, I want to map may own hot key in order to quick launcher, for example, I can run ctrl+alt+t to run terminal, can I run ctrl+e to launch emacs?

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Under All Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts you can define them.

When you add a new shortcut, in the upper input box write the name for it (ex. This is an editor), in the input box below enter the command to start the desired program (ex. gedit), then press Apply (I think, I am not on English locale, sorry...). After that SELECT the newly added row from the list. You will see that Disabled is changing to New shortcut... Press your desired combination, and you will see it in your list afterwards.

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Yes, I have define my shortcut, but it appeared disable, How can I enable it? – Yongqiang Zhou Jun 7 '12 at 4:18

Install Autokey-Qt, it is an amazing automation tool. It can launch programs, send keystrokes, execute scripts. Quite amazing, really.

Edit: Seems that Autokey prefers not to be a program launcher. As I am quite the Super+ program launcher fiend, I also ran into lots of problems adapting to 12.04 and Unity. Ultimately, this post's answer got it working for me. One of the big problems is having to avoid Unity's built in mappings. It would seem they always "fire" regardless of any other setting.

Sadly, the built in System Settings-> Keyboard -> Shortcuts tool does little. I wasn't able to add any working launchers here and instead used CCSM:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager
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