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When I export my presentation to PDF the first slide, whose master slide has a white and transparent field turns black and transparent.

Anybody has an idea what is going on?

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Can U add more info? version of libreoffice - presentation was made in libreoffice or first on office? take a look at this or check if it not a bug – maniat1k Jun 6 '12 at 14:00

Do you export as PDF/A-1a? Make sure that the PDF/A-1a option is disabled when exporting to PDF, since PDF/A-1a doesn't allow transparent objects:

PDF Options

BTW: This affects every kind of LIbreOffice / file exporing to PDF; Calc / Writer files may contain transparent content, too.

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As workaround you could try to use cups-pdf.

Install via the software center

When installed (re)start LibreOffice, open your document, press Ctrl+P and select "PDF" as printer.

In "Settings" you can change the resolution if you want to; default are 300 DPI.

Click "Print" and you will find the PDF file in ~/PDF.

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