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I am using a Toshiba Portege A600 and have been using Ubuntu for about a year now. When I first installed Ubuntu "10.10", everything worked fine, including bluetooth. I was able to send and receive files. After upgrading to 11.04 and then to 11.10, bluetooth functionality decreased. I was able to view bluetooth devices, but not be able to pair or connect to them. Now, on 12.04, bluetooth is no longer recognised at all. When I open up the Bluetooth settings application, it says "No Bluetooth Adapters found". What is the cause of this, and how can I fix it.

I have included the output of sudo lshw.


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Run this command in your teminal by using ctrl+alt+t

sudo -s -H
service bluetooth stop
rmmod btusb
rmmod ath3k
modprobe -a ath3k
echo "13d3 3304" > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/ath3k/new_id
modprobe btusb
service bluetooth start

Hope this will work!!!

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I forgot to mention that I'm running a dual boot with Windows 7, and I have read that if bluetooth is disabled in Windows, it can affect Ubuntu. I installed the bluetooth stack for Windows, and although it is buggy, it works. The command didn't work, and I got this when running the 3rd and fourth lines: root@administrator-PORTEGE-A600:/home/administrator# rmmod btusb ERROR: Module btusb does not exist in /proc/modules root@administrator-PORTEGE-A600:/home/administrator# rmmod ath3k ERROR: Module ath3k does not exist in /proc/modules – user68733 Jun 8 '12 at 22:26

Ubuntu 12.10 i config it in dconf

search crtl+f and put bluetooth

enable all items and restart your PC.

in my laptop was the same thing that happens whit you and now i receive and send everything!!!

i hope to that it solve your problem!!!

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The steps that you provided are not very clear. Could you please give better instructions to follow? – Kevin Bowen Mar 15 '13 at 14:51

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